Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cornrow Styles for Black Female

Alicia Keys is one of the celebrity that love cornrow hairstyles , she wear some of the most creative cornrows  . Cornrows styles are very common  hairstyles in Afro texture hair because they keep the hair out your face and in place .  

These styles are also nice if you are thinking of going natural , they can really help with your transition process . Some of these cornrows styles  can be used as protective styles or low manipulation .

Cornrow styles, female cornrow styles
Alicia Keys Braided Cornrow Styles

Cornrow styles
Alicia Keys , elegant cornrow hairstyles

black girls cornrow
This is so cute

female cornrow styles
Elegant youthful cornrow hairstyle

Beautiful cornrow styles with beads

Fun Casual Cornrow hairstyle

Very simple and casual cornrow style

Simple and Elegant

cornrow hairstyles , cornrow
Pulled back 

Elegant Up-Do cornrow style

These are just a few female cornrow styles you can try , if you have any request leave a comment below .

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