Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cornrow Styles for Black Female

Alicia Keys is one of the celebrity that love cornrow hairstyles , she wear some of the most creative cornrows  . Cornrows styles are very common  hairstyles in Afro texture hair because they keep the hair out your face and in place .  

These styles are also nice if you are thinking of going natural , they can really help with your transition process . Some of these cornrows styles  can be used as protective styles or low manipulation .

Cornrow styles, female cornrow styles
Alicia Keys Braided Cornrow Styles

Cornrow styles
Alicia Keys , elegant cornrow hairstyles

female cornrow styles
Elegant youthful cornrow hairstyle

Beautiful cornrow styles with beads

Fun Casual Cornrow hairstyle

Simple and Elegant

cornrow hairstyles , cornrow
Pulled back 

Elegant Up-Do cornrow style

These are just a few female cornrow styles you can try , if you have any request leave a comment below .

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